SecuVOICE for iOS and Android

SecuVOICE® is the app for Restricted secure phone calls for Apple® and Samsung® devices. It offers comprehensive voice encryption based on the standard for Secure Cross-Network Voice Communication (SNS) from the German Federal Office for Information Security. SecuVOICE is compatible with SecuSUITE® for Samsung Knox® and SecuSUITE® for iOS®.
SecuVOICE for Federal Authorities

SecuVOICE for Federal Authorities

SecuVOICE is now available in the federal government's department store — regardless of which device or solution you use and regardless of the provider.

SecuVOICE is compatible with SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox and SecuSUITE for iOS with registration on the familiar federal infrastructure.

Whether you are abroad, working from home, or traveling, with SecuVOICE you are on the safe side.

SecuVOICE for State Authorities and Industry

Cell phone calls are tapped — millions of them, day after day. SecuVOICE provides a remedy for the federal states and industry.

SecuVOICE is the solution for secure mobile end-to-end encrypted telephony in accordance with the SNS standard. SecuVOICE has the approval recommendation for the Restricted level of the German Federal Office for Information Security.

SecuVOICE does not require its own backend infrastructure (data center). The backend is operated and monitored 24/7 in a data center with IT basic protection certification.

End-to-End Encryption (Restricted)

SecuVOICE uses the SNS standard established by the BSI. Calls are end-to-end encrypted with optimized voice quality. Calls between two SecuVOICE users are Restricted.

Secure Landing (Restricted)

Secure Landing Calls from a SecuVOICE user can be made with the Restricted level securely to a landline within the same authority.

Break-Out Calls

Call with SecuVOICE to any telephone connection in the public telephone network with section encryption up to the federal infrastructure.
Get SecuVOICE Now

Get SecuVOICE Now

Our partner ISEC7 is also available for questions and information. Email them.