SecuSUITE for iOS

Protected Apps for Secure Work on iPhone and iPad

Long awaited, available now! The solution for VS-NfD-secure working on Apple® iPhone® and iPad® devices: SecuSUITE® for iOS®. It offers you essential protected apps for the Apple iNDIGO platform—so you can work securely any time, any place.

Why SecuSUITE for iOS?

SecuSUITE for iOS is the ideal complement to Apple iNDIGO, extending the platform’s range of functions for government use.

It focuses on the core needs of users for communication, smartphone-based access to information and its processing.

Secusmart's many years of experience with the requirements of the federal administration are also fully utilized in the SecuSUITE for iOS apps.

The new SecuSUITE for iOS complements our industry-leading SecuSUITE® for Samsung Knox® to offer government users with the highest level of security and efficiency on a wide choice of mobile devices.

Secure Apps of SecuSUITE for iOS

SecuSUITE for iOS focuses on the central needs of users in secure mobile working, smartphone-based communication and information processing. Benefit from Secusmart's many years of experience with the special requirements of the federal administration. SecuSUITE for iOS translates this experience into mobile productivity.

SecuSUITE for iOS offers a portfolio with the most important apps for your daily work:



SecuVOICE for iOS is the app for VS-NfD secure phone calls, compatible with SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox.

  • End-to-end encrypted phone calls between SecuVOICE users
  • Calls to your own organization
  • Calls to the public telephone network


SecuFOX is a state-of-the-art browser based on Firefox®. It offers you a VS-NfD secure access to the intranet and access to the Internet with many practical functions. The browser is compatible with leading Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. SecuFOX also supports the use of e-files. Tracking protection is integrated, passwords are stored locally in a separate keychain and documents can be securely downloaded, stored and processed with SecuOFFICE.


SecuOFFICE enables you to work securely while working mobile. The app includes tools with which you can create text and table documents and presentations and display PDF documents. The app can be adapted to your needs and, if required, can also be fully customized.


SecuWORK is a powerful and MS-Exchange compatible Personal Information Management (PIM) app. It includes business emails, calendars and contacts. Particularly important for the federal authorities is the support of group and shared mailboxes.

Professional Services Offering

SecuSUITE for iOS is complemented by a comprehensive Professional Services portfolio consisting of various service modules that can be combined according to the customer's wishes and requirements.