SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox: Work on the Go with Smartphone and Tablet

By enabling you to access and process data quickly no matter where you are, smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of the modern working world. SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox takes this technology to the next level by fully encrypting your data and mobile voice communication while providing the same great level of access as conventional smartphones and tablets. This allows you to keep your communications secure and edit documents safely in the knowledge that they are protected from prying eyes.

Put your confidence in us – and in return we’ll give you confidential communications.

Fort Knox to Go

With SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox, you can work on the go, as well as send and save confidential data securely and make your mobile calls secure as well. 

Developed in collaboration with Samsung and featuring our Secusmart Security Card and app wrapping technology, this state-of-the-art and compact product has transformed an Android™ tablet and smartphone into the Fort Knox of secure voice and data communication. SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox has received the seal of approval from the German Federal Office for Information Security, having been authorised for use at the German VS-NfD (classified – for official use only) security level. The devices even boasts there own app store known as the SecuSTORE, where you can find all the apps you need – fully secure and ready to keep your communications confidential thanks to the use of app wrapping.

“We have created an electronic protective wall for data featuring cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to allow users to work with sensitive information on the go without the concern of data misuse.”

Reinhard Schumak, Senior Director SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox

SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox:
business and personal apps
in one device

Security to go for your data – don’t hesitate to contact us if you, too, are interested in using encryption to edit, receive, save and send confidential documents securely in your organisation. We look forward to advising you on how SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox and other Secusmart products and solutions can fulfil your security needs.

SecuSUITE® for Government

SecuSUITE for Government is a multi-platform solution for end-to-end encryption of voice calls and text messages. Available on iOS and Android™, it connects calls quickly, keeps them secure and ensures excellent voice quality. It works globally, across network barriers and across all mobile networks. Deployed securely on premise (or hosted in a certified third-party data centre or a data centre trusted by the client), it can be managed centrally and end users can be enabled over the air.


Hardware based solutions for Governments.

Advantages for Governments

Secusmart helps keep government secrets. Find out more here.


Ensure employees can make secure calls from their smartphones
To make encrypted calls, government employees generally have to be sitting at their desks using a secure landline. In our mobile world where everything is time-sensitive, that’s just not viable any more. With SecuSUITE for Government, employees can be truly mobile and make confidential and secure phone calls from their smartphones. Whether economic prosperity, political stability or national security is at stake, it’s a capability which can make all the difference.

Government employees are increasingly able to use a range of mobile devices and operating systems at work – in some cases, they may even own the device (BYOD). In such instances, enabling secure voice communication on a single OS or device type isn’t enough. Enter SecuSUITE for Government – a cross-platform solution which protects mobile communications on the devices and operating systems employees prefer, including iOS and Android.

Ensure users can start making secure mobile calls immediately, without a steep learning curve

Government end users aren’t necessarily technology experts – nor should they have to be. If secure communication technology is cumbersome or hard to use, employees may revert to making calls on unsecured lines or give up the ability to make secure calls whilst out of the office. SecuSUITE for Government is intuitive and similar to the native dialler that employees use every day on their iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices. This means users can focus on communicating instead of on learning a new way to make calls or send text messages.

Make secure calls without sacrificing on voice quality, performance or usability 

SecuSUITE for Government is designed with efficiency in mind. All its encryption and authentication processes run seamlessly and securely in the background, without impacting on battery life, performance or usability. Some competing solutions require users to read out numbers or hashtags before communicating – a technology relic from the past century! With SecuSUITE for Government, making an encrypted mobile phone call is as painless as making a regular call. Users are already authenticated, the certificate exchange takes place during call setup and the client is optimised to maintain its SIP connection, meaning users are always reachable.

Technology which meets your highest security standards – backed by certifications

When the security stakes are high, you need assurance that the communication technology you’re using meets your standards – and those that may be stipulated by regulators. While many of our competitors claim to be certified for a range of uses, BlackBerry has the longest history of gaining security certifications and national approval in the field.

To protect against evolving sophisticated cyber threats, SecuSUITE for Government is secured with strong data-in-transit (DIT) and data-at-rest (DAR) encryption. SecuSUITE for Government can support dual layers of encryption across all data channels, complies with SUITE B cryptography requirements, supports FIPS 140-2 validated keystores and is currently being evaluated for the following Common Criteria certifications based on NIAP Protection Profiles:

  • Protection Profile for VoIP Applications v.1.3 (VoIP PP)
  • Collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices v.1.0 (ND cPP)
  • ND cPP Extended Package SIP Server (ND cPP SIP EP)

These are the certifications which matter when the world’s most security-sensitive agencies vet secure voice solutions.

“Secusmart is not only synonymous with security, but is also known for working closely with its clients. To succeed as a provider of highly encrypted telecommunications has required us to gain our users’ trust – the more than 20,000 devices we have supplied to German government agencies is proof that we have achieved this aim.”

Thomas Mrotzek, Director Business Operations