Collaboration between Secusmart and the University of Düsseldorf

Picture from left: Hans-Christoph Quelle Secusmart, OB Thomas Geisel, Minister Garrelt Duin, Dirk Ebling University of Düsseldorf

NATO trials highly secure telephone calls using technology made in Germany



CeBIT 2015: Prime Minister of Northrhine-Westphalia Hannelore Kraft visited Secusmart

Solutions for Public Authorities

German government ministries and organisations have entrusted their communication security to us for years

Solutions for Companies

Protecting innovations and business operations: we pull the plug on industrial espionage

Solutions for Mobile Operators

Together with our business partners we stand up for (and secure) your right to privacy and security


High Security. Made in Germany

If you’re looking for the right response to recent spying affairs and wire-tapping scandals, you’ve come to the right place. German and international governments, along with companies both great and small, have put their faith in our security solutions, our experience and our know-how. We owe our success to one simple factor: putting the user first. A truly secure mobile phone is one that offers both usability and simplicity. That is encryption “Made in Germany”. That’s Secusmart security.


Collaboration between Secusmart and the University of Düsseldorf

Solving the demand for specialists: Secusmart cultivates intensive relationships with the specialists of tomorrow IT and telecommunications are a growing market, as students at the University of Düsseldorf are well… more



01/09/15 // it-sa Brasil 2015

In September 2015 it-sa Brasil takes place for the first time on the southamerican continent. Secusmart supports this fair premiere. We´ll show our anti eavesdropping solutions from September 01, 2015 - September 02, 2015 in Sao Paolo in the venue "Clube Transatlantico". more



Young IT specialists from Hungary visited Secusmart

The next generation of international IT specialists is learning from SecusmartAn Erasmus project supported by the European Union comes to Secusmart: the eavesdropping experts welcome Hungarian vocational college students The press release you can… more