SecuTABLET - Secure mobile communication

SecuTABLET provides a solution for secure voice and data communication, available on a commercial Android tablet or smartphone. The product is primarily intended for organizations with high standards for secure mobile communication. SecuTABLET combines ease of use and security in compliance with the German security classification VS-NfD (Classified – For official use only).

The following security features are thus implemented:

  • Storage encryption
  • Transport encryption
  • Secure data transfer between apps

Hightech Made in Germany

All security features make use of the Secusmart Security Card (SSC) as a hardware based cryptographic anchor. The operating system on the Samsung tablets is a standard version of Android with security enhancements. Each app is secured in an individual container.

The solution features:

  • Simple and intuitive operation on a typical Android environment
  • The parallel use of business and personal apps
  • Easy commissioning with no need for specific user training
  • Support for latest off-the-shelf device hardware

“The new SecuTABLET is a further milestone in Secusmart’s creation of mobile security solutions and enables our clients to keep up with the demands of modern business by working on tablets when on the move. We are particularly proud that, with this new solution, we have been able to fulfil the strict security requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for Android devices for the first time – without having to compromise on user experience.” Dr. Christoph Erdmann

SecuTABLET – the first product of the SecuSUITE for Android product family

SecuTABLET is the first product which is based on SecuSUITE for Android. Further products and services are being planned.

SecuSUITE for Android - Security Architecture

SecuTABLET requires a secure IT-infrastructure. For customers who already own a SecuSUITE solution, the SecuTABLET infrastructure integrates into the existing one. The backend infrastructure comprises the following components:

  • VPN Gateway. Cisco ASA and Secunet SINA are supported. The configuration approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for security classification VS-NfD (Classified – For official use only) requires Secunet SINA VPN concentrators
  • EASE server software
  • Mobile Device Management system (optional)
  • Standard IT components

Business and Personal Apps

SecuTABLET enables users to access both business and personal apps. Both types of apps are made available to the mobile user device via the Ease server.

Business apps

Business apps only process sensitive secure data. Only business apps are permitted to use the VPN tunnel, which provides access to the services of the business backend system. Business apps can be identified by a small padlock on the app icon. 

Personal apps

Personal apps are kept strictly separate from business apps. They can neither access sensitive data from business as nor communicate with business apps. They are also not allowed to use the VPN tunnel.