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SecuSUITE® for Government:
No One Protects State Secrets Better

Eavesdropping on classified communications is a serious threat to national security. The risk of cyber-attacks by both foreign and domestic hackers is critical and ever-present. Far from being limited to intelligence databases, mobile and voice communications are now prime targets as well. BlackBerry® boasts more security certifications than any mobile solutions provider worldwide – and SecuSUITE for Government is currently being evaluated for Common Criteria approval based on critical NIAP Protection Profiles.

“The global demand for high-security solutions for mobile devices has been consistently strong for years. With our customised solutions, we fulfil our clients’ requirements for better protected mobile voice and data communications, impressing them with both the high levels of security and user-friendliness of our products.”

Jörg Goronzy, Vice President, Sales Secusmart

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With the technical and financial barriers to electronic eavesdropping at an all-time low, call tapping is happening at an alarming rate. Government organizations have come to realize that their employees aren’t always at their desks when they need to exchange classified or private information. If you share confidential information using your smartphone or over conference calls, you need to be sure that your communications aren’t being tapped. That’s where SecuSUITE for Government comes in.

Secure Communications Have Never Been So Mobile

SecuSUITE for Government keeps voice and data communications secure. It protects you on the go against threats to local and national security. You can securely share classified and confidential information on the latest commercial mobile devices.

Foreign Affairs: Protecting All Embassies and Official International Missions

Whether diplomatic staff are stationed locally or abroad, they can use their preferred state-of-the art smartphones, confident that their voice and data communications are protected with end-to-end encryption. This is regardless of whether they are calling another secure phone or calling back to their home country.


National security and law enforcement agencies: Protecting entire Nations

In an era where the threat of terrorism is an everyday reality, the people charged with protecting national security need to be able to communicate securely at a moment’s notice. SecuSUITE for Government allows government personnel to protect all official voice and data exchanges, securing inter- and intra-agency communications against cyber-attacks.

“The entire SecuSUITE family ensures that employees can be truly mobile and make private and secure phone calls from their smartphones. Even today, government employees generally have to be sitting at their desks using a secured landline to make encrypted calls. In our mobile world where everything is time-sensitive, that’s just not viable any more. With SecuSUITE for Government, employees can be truly mobile and make confidential and secure phone calls from their smartphones. Whether economic prosperity, political stability or national security is at stake, it’s a capability which can make all the difference.”

Matthew Landa, Director Government Sales, Civilian   malanda(at)blackberry(dot)com

“We develop anti-eavesdropping solutions that are always tailored and adapted to our users’ requirements. From smartphones to tablets, we place the utmost value on the quality and usability of our products.”

Gordon Loeffler, Director Technology Development Secusmart